If you are the kind of person that takes pleasure in reading other people’s essays pertaining mostly to our future as a human race, then this page might be just for you. For the majority, I can most safely assume they are afraid of being proven wrong. But not me. I will defend my ideas, even if it leads to my death as so nobly did Socrates. What I am saying is that if you prove me wrong – I will not cry. I will not become your subordinate either. In no way. But I will humbly thank you for steering me down the right path in my pursuit of truth. So prove me wrong, I academically encourage you.

Hello World

How’s it going mighty internet?

On Robots

Is it fair for the media and Hollywood to demonize robots out of their fear of a robotic uprising? No, we shouldn’t fear robots rising and killing us but we should be wary of their inevitable impact to the world’s economic systems.

On Atheists

Why are atheists, atheist? While each atheist will answer a different personal reason, I will demonstrate in a logical and scientific manner how their fears enslave them to their beliefs.

On Capitalism

Love capitalism? Then read this… Your precious little system will one day be forced to change and possibly during our lifetime – and not by war.

On Sexual Immorality

A thought provoking essay on sex, sex, sex… Do you love sex? Do you wonder why sex feels good? Do you wonder why Religions want control over our sex lives? Are you comfortable discussing sex? Then read this!

On The Islamic State

What’s the matter with the Islamic State?

On Faith

When so many religions and belief systems exist, each of them with adherents just like you with equal and/or greater conviction than you, which belief system is the “right” one?

On Time

There is something fishy about time…

On Robo-phobia

When will Hollywood get it right?

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