Poetry is the expression of the soul through means of coincidence and beauty. Below is a list of some of the best poems my intellect has ever conceived.

The System – Part I

A poem on life: The inequities of life, what gives?

 The System – Part II

A poem on life: And people think their shit don’t stink…

For the Love of God

A poem on life: This poem is dedicated to the Islamic State.

Oh Spirit, Captain of my Life

An unorthodox poem on life: Life can be a bitch at times…

 The Flower that Died in Vain

A poem on love: This poem is written to the only girl I have gifted a flower to (to date).

 A Formal Complaint

A poem on love: A whiney love poem dedicated to God.

Love at First Sight

A poem on love: It doesn’t sound irrational to a lover of love to love at first sight.

God’s Dolls

An unorthodox poem on love: A dialog between Barbie and Ken where one seeks freedom from the powers that be.

The Predicament of Love

An unorthodox poem on love: How can one explain the injustice of unrequited love (unreturned love) on both sides of the equation? With math! duh!

The Numbers of Love

An unorthodox poem on love: I played with Euler’s formula to express a beautiful possibility – romantic love.


A poem on love: Who is the only One truly worth dying for?

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