Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald John Trump and anyone reading,

Yup, I’m aware many have tried. Yup, I’m aware that many aspire to have their messages go viral. Yup, I am aware that the opposite is more common. Yup, I am aware this could be trite. But fuck it, life is weird.

It is not like you care who I am, I am nobody really.

It seems that these days, people are beginning to appreciate it when others speak their minds out. Sometimes, speaking the things discussed behind the closed doors of the mind can resonate with likeminded individuals, making it easy for you to woo the masses you currently do. You appear to suggest that your refusal to speak politically correct is a sign of strength, and thereby, everyone should listen to your strong message – TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I shall attempt to do the same in response to your message.

Unlike you Donald, I am not confident enough to claim that I am the wisest man on Earth. I am not perfect, and I am no one special, so I am perfectly aware that there is nothing I could say that could ever convince you of anything. I think that is because no one has gone down to your level and explained to you how you are wrong. Hence, I will speak my mind to you a manner that I think you’d understand. Obviously, I am sure you have noticed that some of the things you say tends to offend people… So my apologies in advance, if I should ever appear to offend you with my brutal and honest assessment of you in this dull political race.

On Guns:

I do NOT believe the government is anyone to take anything away from anyone. Period. That includes guns. Yes, the Founding Fathers rightfully suggested that the government should fear the people, not the other way around. But we should consider that today we live in an age where an AR-15 machine gun is petty against government officials piloting an AH-64 Apache Helicopter, F-35 fighter jet, or weapons of mass destruction.


Nevertheless, I believe I have the right to own weapons just as much the Government has the right to own nuclear weapons. I find it rather hypocritical that Republicans AND Democrats who endorse our constitutional rights would deny Iran and North Korea their pursuit of the same inalienable right to defend themselves. My understanding is that we do not trust their intentions, so it is imperative the world works together on this. But I digress. I believe I have the right to own a gun to defend myself. However, if I wish to own a gun to murder someone, or rob a store, I shouldn’t have that right. Strictly speaking, that would make me a bad person. So I hear you, why are we allowing the Government to amend our constitutional rights on the basis of the choices of bad people? By bad people, I mean the rapists, murderers, thugs – that I firmly believe are products of society REGARDLESS OF RACE, ETHNICITY, AND CREED.


Believe it, or not, you should agree that bad people are those who lack the concept of social responsibility – something that should be taught in schools. My social responsibility is to not harm others because that is something I wouldn’t want done upon myself. Logic. I strongly believe social responsibility should be taught in public schools worldwide. I haven’t heard any candidate speak on this matter – ever… Maybe because everyone tends to believe that the responsibility of teaching ethics should rest on the shoulders of parents. But look at failed parents: like Michael Brown’s (may he rest in peace) whom never taught him to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Pardon my lack of political correctness Trump.

On Obamacare:

I believe the Government does NOT have the right to shove anything at anyone. If I don’t want to own a weapon, I shouldn’t be forced to spend my earned money on one. That is why I wish the National Rifle Association would not meddle in politics. Anyways, if I don’t want to buy health care, I shouldn’t have to spend my earned money on any. Yes, it makes logical sense for many to desire a society where health care is affordable, it even makes more sense to have a society where healthcare is just free. I see that logically. That would help many unfortunate people with unpredictable health problems, like cancer – it just happens sometimes… BUT! I also believe it is my personal responsibility to take care of my body and be healthy. Why should I be forced to pay for someone’s choice to eat donuts every day? Why should I be forced to pay for the choices of someone who decided to intoxicate themselves with drugs? I believe that if I want to die, I should, that is my personal responsibility and inalienable right. Should you win, it would be nice if you could repeal Obamacare, but that you strive in replacing it with something better for AMERICA, and maybe the world if you have the balls to do that.


On #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) vs. #AllLivesMatter et. al.:

Comedians make sense, and sometimes logic is just funny. But it shouldn’t be. It surprises me that people do not understand that one can be pro-blacks and pro-cops. I know there are good cops out there, just like there are bad ones out there that shoot blacks and minorities out of fear for their own lives. It is true, crime rates are high amongst minorities. Is it because of racism? Fuck no, it is because of our failed education system. Excuse me for sharing my observations without being politically correct: but I have observed that many BLM protestors are joining for the sake of satisfaction in destroying an established order that appears unfair to them. Let me spell out this logic:

  • Many cops are leery of minorities because they are prone to commit crime
  • Many minorities are prone to commit crime because their circumstances in life are shitty
  • Many lives of minorities are shitty because our AMERICAN school systems are failing to teach that social and personal responsibility is imperative to function in society

We currently have a system in place that allows high school students a choice to become the fuck ups of life. Really. Some of those who are not good in basic math and English become the essential proletariat force, those lower cog gears necessary for a functioning society (honest garbage man job, honest mail man job, honest flip burger job, etc.). Other failures are allowed to follow artistic dreams (become a rapper, boxer, writer, basketball player, football player, etc.). Few of them choose to rise above their circumstances and nobly become lawyers, doctors, teachers, (functioning cogs in society). But I must admit that I observe a large majority of minorities involved in acts against society; robbing banks, stealing money, killing people, they killing cops, cops kill them back, and suddenly – a race war. No, I am not saying whites do not commit crimes. But if we are talking of the black lives that allegedly matter, we have to consider the source of the problem. A large majority of minorities fail our education system because they feel excluded from your “Lets make America great again” vision. I haven’t heard any candidate speak on what we should do with those that fail our high school education systems. Because it appears to me that those who fail to grasp the concept of social responsibility are the people that are NOT needed in our AMERICAN society, REGARDLESS of race, ethnicity, origin, or creed.

We currently have a system in place that just puts high school failures out on the streets. I strongly believe that students who fail to learn social responsibility, namely, treating others how they’d like to be treated (even when we make mistakes), are useless to human progress. I strongly believe we should have a system that would cleanse those that fail to understand that simple concept even the mentally retarted students can comprehend.


Like I mentioned in the beginning, people are secretly beginning to appreciate those who speak out, speaking the things behind closed doors, as you demonstrate with your ability to woo certain supporters easily. To be honest, I am afraid I am alone. That is logic. And so with this logic, I shall conclude my response to you as the nobody that I am and I will refuse to be politically correct, ESPECIALLY TO YOU:

Fuck you Donald John Trump, miscreant child of Mary and Fred Trump. You insult my intelligence with your pathetic attempt to hustle me into believing your lies. I wish you were man enough to admit you don’t like people who don’t like you – and many, many, many, minorities do so despite your convictions. Why? Because racists admire you. Check your Facebook page please and look at all the lies they paint for you. Your supporters are trying to paint the picture that compassion is a sign of weakness and that you’re very strong. Do you honestly believe Obama has evil intentions to destroy the Great Nation that has given his nigger family an opportunity to live an amazing life? Quite the contrary, he wishes to share that opportunity with every people of every race. Why aren’t you man enough to tell me if you would like that too? I suspect that you secretly indulge in the thought of being perceived as a world-shaping historical figure, such as Hitler. But I will burst your bubble, I find aspects of Hitler’s eloquence far more admirable than your pathetic media tantrums and tweets.

I yearn for the day someone campaigns with such fervor a similar dream, EXCEPT, one that would include all functional human beings REGARDLESS of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion.

Obama says America is already great, you say let’s make America great again, why isn’t anyone thinking LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT. [You see? the “again” part is what I don’t get… I mean, times when Jim Crow laws existed? Really?] And yes, by cleansing, I am suggesting we use academic genocide as a means to get us there.

We must cleanse the world of bad people… and what angers me is that you are stupid enough to fail to see that you and many of your “silent majority” supporters are the type that should be cleansed from society too.

I do not admire your greed. And I would not like to see your greed in front of the nuclear weapons conceived by the honorable men of science. Ultimately, I go to bed believing that people is inherently good. And we, the good people, will inevitably outnumber you. Maybe I am just lying to myself, but if I have learned anything from my numerous history classes, it is this:

The good will always lead to victorious conclusions.



10 Reasons I Think Allah Akbar

Let’s cut to it, shall we? “Allah Akbar” literally translates to, “God is great.” This fact is probably trite, or at least should be to the educated masses. What isn’t trite is that many think God is great for many other different reasons than what terrorists think. Consider this:

  • Should I have lived in an era where Islamic terrorism never existed,
  • Were I proficient in the Arabic language,
  • Were I sitting in a café writing in an iPad Pro like a douche bag,
  • and someone suddenly shouted in the café “Allah Akbar!”

I’d probably think for a little while before agreeing, “Yeah, God is pretty awesome.” However, in this particular reality, the first thing I’d do is run and hide in the anticipation someone is about to blow up in the efforts of killing people. If you’re still reading, let me elucidate why I think Allah Akbar:

1. Sex

The feeling of euphoria I feel after having sex is unbeatable. I have yet to find something more enjoyable than having sex with consent – when you know your partner is also doing everything in his/her ability to please you too. Many times after ejaculating, I have thought “Man, God is really great. Maybe this is what the big bang felt like for God.” and praise God for creating such joys. I hear ISIL rapes girls, how is that better than fornication?



2. Marijuana

After a long hard day at work, alone in my apartment with nothing to do, lighting up a bowl and opening a bag of chips makes me want to shout, “God is great!” Allah akbar because He/She/It just allowed for cannabis to grow naturally from the ground. It’s almost as if weed was a little gift for humanity. Is blowing up to pieces better than getting high?



3. Xbox One/ PS4

I’m not a fanboy, I think fanboys are susceptible to ISIL’s folly (ISIL are a bunch of Islamic fanboys), and if I could own both consoles, I would… I have an Xbox One and boy do I enjoy playing video games. I mean, I loved Grand Theft Auto 5 and I think that game would be right up ISIL’s alley. What’s better? To kill a bunch of people knowing you’ll eventually be found and killed? Or the virtual opportunity to indulge your imagination in part of a coordinated heist, robbing military secrets, and/or hunting down powerful men? Playing Halo 5 co-op with my friend as we fight an advance alien race that is trying to kill humanity is a fucking awesome experience to behold. Even playing online multiplayer matches and t-bagging someone who t-bagged me, the retribution fills me with so much joy I yell in my mind, “God is Fucking Great!” (no disrespect, God made me and made Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, etc. possible)



4. Miracles

Atheists get their panties in a bundle when they hear the word “miracle.” But what I am alluding to are events with astronomical chances of occurring such as watching LeBron James do a 3 pointer that wins the game after a worrying set back. Or learning that a family member survived a medical operation. Or even when I learned Lucas sold Star Wars and that they were going to make a sequel, I thought that was a miracle. There have been times in the past when I thought I was getting a B and then learned I passed a class with an A. I considered every time a hot chick returned my message on online dating site a miracle, etc., etc., etc. Tell me, aside from deaths, does ISIL praise the Creator of the Universe(s) for other events not involving death? Dubious.



5. Parties

ISIL wants to destroy the West entirely, I wonder if had the opportunity to take some of them to party in Vegas with me, could I change their mind? Let me tell you, one day I was walking down the Vegas strip drunk as hell with buddies and a few of my family members. We were having a blast. Some random lady directed us to a club at the Aria. Well, I’m not much of a club going person, and I don’t dance, but going there was the best choice that night. I enjoyed the beat of the music throughout my body, the beautiful lights, the confetti, and the joy of being around people just enjoying life – how’s killing better? Don’t ISIL remember God told Moses thou shouldn’t kill (I wonder why lots of fools don’t know Muslims are supposed to heed the words of Moses, Jesus, and all other prophets too).



6. Massages

I love massages. I confess that I prefer to be given therapeutic massages from females… I love how their exquisite hands relieve the tension on my back muscles from all the stress I get reading bullshit news (black lives matter dude gets shot, active shooters at universities, police brutality this, ISIL threats that, Russia says this, North Korea says that, Assad is this, Trump is that, etc., etc., etc.) It’s all bullshit and it stresses me the fuck out. Hmmm… I don’t wish to thank ISIL for adding to my stress, massages are expensive. But I do wonder, do ISIL extremists have massages? Massages make me thank God for His/Her/Its eternal benevolence (that sometimes happens).



7. Food

Oh how I love food. There is this Iranian dish that is so amazing called ghorme sabzi. I wish I could fly to Iran and taste it authentically. I love hummus, rice, chicken, pizza, oh boy… hamburgers. It truly is a shame that ISIL’s beliefs preclude them from tasting bacon, they’re really missing out. And eating food while baked on marijuana? Trust me, you’ll praise God with all your heart, with all your mind, and all your soul.



8. Harry Potter

I wish ISIL could have seen/read the books as they were coming out. I’m not going to lie, I hardly bothered to read the books and instead waited for the movies to come out. (I like other kinds of books) I don’t care what readers think, I’m honest and they can suck a goat if they think the Harry Potter books are better than the movies – that’s their prerogative. But don’t let me tell ya, JK Rowling created a wizard world that was beyond. The bad guy, Lord Voldemort, was presented as “He-who-must-not-be-named” in the first book. When he returned in later books, the guy didn’t disappoint, he was a most evil and mean wizard. The battle between Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore made me want to cry of joy. Oh God, blessed You are for allowing such joys to occur on Earth. I kinda felt bad when Voldemort died, part of me really like him. But oh well, he was a bad guy after all…



9. Music

Every once in a while there’ll be a lovely song that will play over and over again in my mind. I love it when that happens because that is an opportunity to jog up to 7 miles while I leave the song on replay. I might not enjoy jogging all too much, but in order to enjoy as many of God’s gifts to mankind as possible, I have to keep my body strong and healthy. Music makes jogging better. I tell you, if anyone can set their prejudices aside, anyone can enjoy Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Metallica (the old stuff though), No Doubt, etc., etc., etc. It is strange how an artist could create something intangible that is enjoyed by the mind. What’s not to thank God for making such a divine, beautiful, weed-smoking, loving, free-minded artist as Miley Cyrus possible?



10. Science and Technology

You have no idea how great God is until you’ve sat down and read up on quantum physics. God’s greatest mysteries are rewarding to those that reveal them. Relativity blew my mind in the 11th grade. I think Daesh are bunch of hypocrites for using the technology invented by others to kill said others. They use Twitter and social media popularized by the west, they use guns invented by Chinese (ISIL don’t like them either, right?) and perfected by the west, and now I hear they’re trying recruit scientists to build chemical weapons. ISIL brings shame to the Muslim creator of Algebra and the algorithms we extensively use today, Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi. Every time I read books about scientists unable to answer some of the toughest questions such as, “What was there before time?” or “Why is life?” etc., I think, “Man, God is great for initiating the universe, Who/What could ever make a universe possible?”



Well, there you all have it, 10 things that make me think Allah akbar. Yeah, yeah, many of you might think I am being facetious. But truly, it is a travesty for any terrorist to claim God is great when they commit murder. Believers should take the Takbir away from terrorists and rightly praise God for His/Her/Its true greatness.

Short Story: The Alien

Written and Illustrated by eM

Chapter 1: When the Justice System Drops the Soap

In a galaxy not so far away… a galactic criminal alien escaped.

The galactic media was in full alert, this was the first time in all of the Galactic justice system’s history a living being had escaped.

Alien Warden: He was scheduled for execution. This work is short of a miracle, of which he is notoriously known for. Be advised, this criminal is the worst kind of scum this Universe has ever conceived.

News Reporter: How did he escape?

The Galactic media wasn’t permitted inside the jail, instead, advanced aliens had the ability to detach their spirit from their body. The spirit of a reporter went inside the jail to conduct the interview.


Alien Warden: He used a method by which he disabled the energy field in the cell, we suspect he subsequently used  personnel attire to facilitate his escape.

News Reporter: Any indications regarding his possible location?

Alien Warden: The last heroes who brought him to justice died in his sinister hands… at this point, we solemnly advice anyone who spots him to flee. He is too powerful and unstable to be contained. Let us hope that wherever he is, he meets a force to be reckoned with.

News Reporter: So you don’t know where he is. Are you going to send another team after his capture?

Alien Warden: Woe be to those that cross his path, there is nothing we can do

Chapter 2: Taking a Shit that Hurts

The Alien was parked somewhere in our Solar System, close to Saturn’s orbit. He parked at a safe distance as he studied the human race by connecting to our World Wide Web.

Alien: Shit. That is all wretched existence ever amounts to. Shit. Beings live, multiply, eat each other, and shit each other. Despicable. The foul stench of existence adds chaos to what would have been a plane of perfection. Planet Earth? Humpf… Planet Shit if you ask me. Although… how fitting… Earth is a planet isolated from the rest, let’s examine how well these humans rot in their own shit.

The Alien investigated and absorbed the entire history of the world. He studied our behavior, our cultures, our political and economic systems, our wars, and our religions. He contemplated for days as he sat in his red chair, devising ways he could conquer the Earth without an army.


Alien: Hmmm… not many independent thinkers in this pile of shit. The human masses follow idiots such as Donald Trump and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The masses are idiots… this might play to my advantage.

Chapter 3: Ignorance Trumps Peace

Back on Earth, things were as usual. Trump was gaining momentum as he ran his mouth mindlessly, wooing the mindless to support him.

Trump: And my first executive order will be to deport all illegals, beginning with Barrrrack HUSSEIN Obama!

Cheers filled the crowd.


Trump: I will rectify the Constitution to read, “We the WHITE People”. No more illegals stealing our jobs, raping our women, our children, and our rights. I will do away with the IRS and we will income tax Mayxico (Mexico) and Chayna (China). I will make them pay our taxes. I will nuke the Middle East, starting with Mecca, and we will make America White again!

However, this time, silence filled the crowds… it wasn’t necessarily that his comments had crossed the line, but because there was a beautiful pink glow in the sky that arrested everyone’s attention. A figure could be seen in the light.


Trump Voter: Aint that… Jeysus?

Trump: No… but, I’m God

The Alien had taken Christ’s image from numerous online depictions. He got close to the crowd, patiently, as he walked on water and elegantly demonstrated his wounds in his hands and feet.

Alien: My fellow Americans, I am Jesus of Nazareth and I have returned.

Trump’s supporters were ecstatic, to their relief – the fake Jesus was white…

Chapter 4: To Love Your Enemies is Easy (Fuck em’ Like You Hate Them)

The Alien took advantage of the majority of humans’ susceptibility to deceit. A significant majority, like Trump’s supporters and the Islamic State’s supporters who lack an independent mind, were easily convinced the Messiah was back… Granted, the Alien performed miracles – he ended the war in Syria in one day by commanding the rebels to stop. He teleported to North Korea and brought the supreme leader Kim Jong Un to his knees. What a miracle that Kim Jong Un would ever worship anyone… He then traveled to Iran and with a warm hug, made the Ayatollah smile and cry of joy. For what was worth, the Alien brought the human race together.

Chapter 5: The Second Going

The Alien was finally ready execute his master plan. He sent a signal to his mother ship and landed huge cargo ships, one on each continent. He called them “Arks” and promised the gullible lot of humans that those who repented were invited to the Promised Land.

Alien: Repent my brothers and sisters and come meet your Maker who is eager to be with you all. Come and play with The Lord’s treasures.


Everyone was welcomed. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, criminals, atheists, Buddists, etc., etc., etc. However, little did humans know that they actually were going to be sold as slaves in the galactic black market… With these funds, the Alien was going to raise another army and exact revenge on his former sovereignty that had imprisoned him.

The Alien began to emanate a shade of pink and blue as he sacrilegiously prayed.


Alien: Father, we’re all coming. We’re bringing the glory of the whole world and bringing forth the divine mission. Father, who are in Heaven, …

But he was kindly interrupted by a tall, dark, and handsome man who approached him out of nowhere…

Alien: Yes my son?

Kanye West: I am Yeezus

Kanye West told the alien sternly.

He then stabbed the Alien in the neck. The Alien fell and Kanye continued to stab him vigorously.


Kanye West: And thus always to messiahs.

The End

Ladies and gentlemen, 2020, Kanye West for prezident! FTW!!!


Poem: Shekhinah

by eM


You’re the most amazing female,

Your beauty is beyond measureable scale,

But your love is locked behind a fort,

Where many men fail to court,

Because their wisdom falls very short.

*  *  * 

Who could ever woo?

Someone as magnificent as You?

I beg You for a clue,

And give my life for just a tiny view…

 *  *  * 

After all these tears I have cried,

I foolishly ask You to be my bride,

For no living woman could ever be my wife,

And reveal to me,

The secrets of life.


Short Story: The American Nightmare

Chapter 1: 1865-Civil War

No matter what, there appears to be hidden universal law that doesn’t allow us to live in a world where everyone is pleased.  In general, people debate, complain, and point fingers, “Democrats this,” “Republicans that,” all the way down to “Xbox this, and PlayStation that.” This story begins in 1865 with a twist to a notorious debate settled with a Civil War that cost the death of millions and literally shaped the history of the world as we know it. Prepare to embark on a gruesome history trip to an alternate reality where the Confederates won the Civil War, and the Union lost.

To some people, like Dylann Roof and the KKK,  this twist might sound like pure joy.

  • Slavery was reinstated,
  • Slaves re-built America,
  • Laws such as Jim Crow’s entered the Constitution, and
  • The Abraham Lincoln monument was replaced with a grinning Robert E. Lee.

But America continued on a different path…

Chapter 2: 1914 World War I

Confederate America took no part in World War 1. As a result, America never supplied weapons to Britain, so the Lusitania was never sank by German submarines. Instead, Confederate America waged war on Pancho Villa and squashed his revolution in Mexico. Slavery was introduced in Mexico – worst of the worst… The Confederate U.S. and Mexico became good friends that the Zimmerman telegram was not even conceived in this reality.

However, oddly enough, the Allies won World War 1 on their own. This was accomplished without Russia, who left the Great War to fight a Civil War of their own.

And on other news, women’s suffrage was a major fail. The men in power would rebuff women’s plight with “White women have more rights than slaves.” As a result, the Confederate men in power feared schools were making people into “smart assess” so they passed a law banning public education. Worst of the worst…

Chapter 3: 1941 World War II

Pearl Harbor was never bombed. Instead, Hitler’s vision of a supreme race fascinated Confederate America that they joined forces with the Fuhrer and destroyed Great Britain. At last, what Confederate America always wanted to do was to destroy their former oppressor. Worst of the worst…

Because of this quick victory, the atomic bomb was never dropped on Japan. In fact, it was never even created by Americans due to a great lack of theoretical physicists.

However, this good news was no relief to the rest of the world – a mechanized ethnic cleansing took place…  Worst of the very worst… I know.

  • Dark skinned people were destroyed
  • Jews were destroyed -> Israel never happened
  • Muslims were destroyed -> never even got a chance to nag about Israel
  • Gays were destroyed
  • Disabled people were destroyed -> ):
  • The elder were disposed of

I told you, it was the worst.

The only remaining enemy to the “United Axis of Peace” was the resilient rival, Communist Russia…

Chapter 4: 1960 The Cold War

Unlike our history where a physical Cold War did not take place, in this reality, the Cold War was literally: a cold war with cold battles. Russia was the toughest nation the world has ever seen and Moscow remained almost unreachable. The overwhelming pressure Hitler and The Confederates had on Russia compelled Russia to build atomic bombs.

One was dropped in Los Angeles and another one in Munich. As a result, a truce was signed…

Chapter 5: 2015 Present Day

This brings the story to present day where the mysterious forces of love were still in play. Being that, Donald Trump was born to the same parents and ran for president and won by a huge margin. Donald’s American utopia included:

  • No healthcare
  • No IRS
  • No illegals – they were cleansed anyways…
  • Guns everywhere – people killing each other left and right
  • Death penalties everywhere – for the people killing others with guns
  • No gay sex – punishable by death
  • No abortions – punishable by death
  • No women rights
  • No homelessness – punishable by death
  • No welfare
  • No contraceptives – illegal. Condoms were illegal too…
  • No universities – illegal

All that remained were illegals fleeing communist Russia… Donald Trump and his partner Rick Santorum ran a “build a wall” campaign to build a wall around Russia to stop them illegals hurt by economic sanctions and further force their Mother Land into an economic breakdown. These Confederates were worst of the worst in this mutilated version of reality… unimaginable, to say the least. A racist God blessed that version of America.

Or maybe not…

Chapter 6: The Future

Communist Russia wouldn’t have it. How could they? The mysterious forces of love also conceived the brave and mighty Vladimir Putin we know today who ordered a nuclear strike – everywhere.  Due to the nukes dropped by Russia, the world ended in 2017. This was irrefutably: Peace through strength.

The End


I have noticed that Hollywood has been portraying robotic elements in movies negatively lately. Movies such as

  • Ex Machina
  • Terminator: Genisys
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • XMen: Days of Future Past
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction
  • Elysium
  • Robocop
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Portray the dreadful implications of robots. It is either the possibility of sentient longings to betray their human creators and/or their susceptibility to evil programming and programmers. This is nothing new, stories such as I, Robot have already elucidated moral and ethical questions with respect to intelligent machines. The intent of this post is not refute such concerns, and neither is it to criticize the cliché entertainment value of them, rather, to direct the attention of readers to the real concern intelligent machines pose to our human civilization.

As a matter of fact, today, robotic threats are manifest in ATMs, self-checkouts, automated services, assembly lines, etc. Slowly but surely, intelligent machines are replacing human jobs… And they’ll continue to become intelligent. But should we hinder the scientific progress of robots for the sake of jobs?


Sometime in the future, I see this issue becoming a political predicament akin to the ridiculous gun issues we face today.

  • More guns -> less violence VS. No guns -> no violence


  • More robots -> cheaper products VS. No robots -> more jobs.

So far, so good (in terms of understanding the problem). But let us investigate the problem in a macro-sense to assess the threat from a wider angle.

All Things Considered:

The day that the labor behind the construction of a robot is replaced by robots will eventually come. Prophecy:

  • Capitalism, the economic system of the West, will be in tatters. Things in the U.S. will be worse than Mexico and India where the economic gap is large. Robotic industries will gain so much power while the overwhelming number of proletariat citizens will struggle. Self-sustaining robotic cycles will overtake the product-creation-cycle of food chains, Amazon, factories, and essentially every good produced by human labor today. For example, the day robots are robust enough to fix/repair/replace themselves, Burger Shack will be able to replace human labor from the meat farm to the counter with robots that do not require breaks, worker’s comp, healthcare, vacation, sick days, tardy-slips, etc.

If our wise and all-knowing U.S. politicians hinder the progress of robots, then…

  • Communism, the economic system of the 3rd world will thrive – economically and perhaps even militaristically… In theory, communism attempts to be a class-less economic system where the government has the power to redistribute the wealth across its citizens. Essentially, communist nations will be able to add a huge cheap robotic workforce to its economic system and legally redistribute the wealth, focus on propaganda-education, and direct human resources elsewhere such as armies…

spirit3So should we be concerned of robots killing us?”

Of course. Whether it be Russian, Chinese, or Microsoft robots programmed to intrude our in our pursuit of happiness or an economic collapse due to robots, yes, robots do pose a problem. But not the way Hollywood thinks. That’s the point of this short post.

6Is there a solution?”

I don’t know… all I can do is fantasize about it.


Short Story: A Very Different Parable

If you can handle Family Guy and/or South Park, enjoy… 

Chapter 1

This miraculous day started like any other. Sam Harris boarded his plane. He was on his way back from some moderate Muslim country where he was filming a documentary. However, he was having a bad day since the country he visited lacked anyone who would challenge his new atheist beliefs.

He stowed his luggage and took a seat in the first class section of the plane. He soon realized he was assigned a seat next to none other than – Ted Cruz. “Ohhhh no… it’s on.” He thought. Being the fearless men they both were, they went at it.

Little did Sam know that Ted Cruz had an amazing super power, he was a hard-head that could talk his lungs off for any cause, even if it is the dumbest of causes. But eventually, Sam’s intellectual faculties won over Ted’s hard-head ideas against church and state.  Sam demoralized Ted further by bullying him into admitting that he hated Obama because he was in denial of being racist. Worst of the worst…

But Ted Cruz’s physical head was also very hard, so he stood up and headbutted Sam Harris in the face. What began as a fight with words transformed into a physical fight.

The captain of the plane was alerted of the physical fight ongoing in the cabin. When the captain realized it was Ted Cruz and Sam Harris fighting in the cabin, he thought “hmmmm… they’re just white people. Not like they would be terrorists. Imma go check out what the hell is going on. I need me a piece of that SOB of Sam Harris for not believing in Jesus.” The captain happened to be a very racist-Christian-African-American guy, worst of the worst. As he opened the cockpit door, one of Ted’s kicks landed on the pilot’s control wheel. This consequently maneuvered the plane into a collision with another airplane.

The wings of both planes crashed and both Ted and Sam flew out of the plane.

They could see the planes explode at a distance as they were falling. Thinking this would be the end of them, they both saw a cross of Jesus Christ in the sky.

Chapter 2

As they saw the cross grow bigger and bigger, Sam discerned that it wasn’t an angel from his consciousness while Ted discerned that it wasn’t Jesus. It would have been quite difficult for Jesus nailed to the cross to help Ted anyways.

To their surprise, it was the Holy Pope who was opening his Holy Parachute. He was onboard the other airplane they collided with. The Pope’s belief in miracles was very strong that he miraculously caught both of them in the middle of the sky. The three landed on an unknown beautiful palace.

Sam: “The only logical explanation is that this is a dream… I must be imagining…. Yes… I must be. I must awaken. I can wake up without religion!”

Sam then started levitating as he forced his consciousness to awaken. Lightning struck the ground around him as he began to manipulate the realm of reality as he knew it.

Sam: “Science! Truth! Real and true truth. There is NO GOD!!!!”

Ted: “Oh no… is he really… Jesus?”

Chapter 3

Then suddenly, two dark evil and dirty wizards walked out of the palace to challenge the intruders. The dark wizards were the Ayatollah and his treacherous apprentice Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Ayatollah looked weak and humble in comparison to his rebellious student whom always did as he pleased.

Caliph:  “Peace be upon the prophet Muhammad and blessed be the name of Mohamud, who’s words I worship more than God. I, I am wise and I have attained greater powers because I wish peace upon Muhammad all the time… In fact, that’s the only thing I want to think about right now.”

Worst of the worst… The Caliph’s evil staff emitted a black-bolt of thunder which threw Ted asunder.

Chapter 4 

Sam used his magic powers to fight the powerful Caliph. Since Sam had “awakened”, reality was like a dream to him. So he magically appeared bacon in the Caliph’s mouth. The Caliph choked to death – a good taste in his mouth was his reward…

The Ayatollah then stepped in to fight Sam. Sam hated the Muslim religion so much he welcomed the challenge.

Sam: “This is my story. That’s the only way any of this makes sense. I am placed here to defeat the Islamic religions once and for all.”

But the Ayatollah’s unspoken wisdom won the day. He defeated Sam by awakening him to death. Sam’s death-by-awakening was as much of a mystery as his belief in being spiritually-atheist. The Ayatollah awakened Sam to death by hypnosis, since Sam was actually very susceptible to denial and suggestion and was in denial of believing there can be a Creator.

Next, the Ayatollah turned and stared at Ted who was standing back up from the Caliph’s thunderbolt. But Ted quickly fell into his knees are repented like the true apologetic man that he is (when he apologized to Biden for taking shots at his son’s loss).

Ayatollah: “I am – the successor of Muhammad…”

Ted: “Please spare me, if Obama is a Muslim, then so am I and you’re my true savior and Messiah.”

The Holy Pope then gave Ted a Holy slap in the face. “Snap out of it you fool.” Thought the Pope as he raised his Holy staff. A bright white light emanated from his staff that blinded everyone.

The Ayatollah started feeling weak by the light so he began to raise his power level by doing what Muslim’s do – submit. He submitted and surrendered above all of his will until he submitted the greatest will of all, the will to live, and fell dead to the floor…

Ted: “We did it! Yes, I knew this story was about me!”

Their celebration was interrupted by a bright light in the sky. “This is it,” thought Ted, “the ending where I am taken by Jesus is finally here.”

Chapter 5

However the light coming from the sky then turned into negative light… Dark rays emanated from the aperture in the sky. The air suddenly felt dense as a foul stench began to fill the air. It smelled repugnant… It began to smell like, human shit…

The Pope: “Noooooooo!!!! How can this be, how could Satan have won!?”

Ted: “Ohhhhhhh no…. Please, please, make this story stop. Please!”

The Earth’s atmosphere was filled with flatulence. Birds fell out of the sky and fish washed up in the shores. Babies cried all over the world… and by astronomical chance, a dead baby bird landed on the mouth of the Pope. He choked to death in the most humiliating, albeit miraculous, way…

The Christian Book of Revelations had the ending wrong. A collosal turd fell on the promised land of the Jews killing the chosen ones instantly. Next, another turd landed on Mecca killing all the pilgrim Muslims instantly. A third watery turd flooded the Vatican city next. And the turds kept falling and falling all over earth’s surface, New York, D.C., Putin’s Moscow, Pyongyang, Tokyo, all the way down to Eagle Pass Texas, to all the way down to small towns in Zimbabwe…

The Earth’s surface was flooded with shit. There were layers upon layers of shit. Ted Cruz lasted quite a while swimming through the shit until eventually he drowned in the shit and died in the shit.

This miracle was far too hard for anyone to ever explain.

Reading Between the Lines of the Parable

1) All major belief systems are full of shit.

2) Collectively, the major belief systems do more harm than good.

3) A slave does not know what the master is doing… Many remain unaware of their enslavement to beliefs, all of which continue exacerbate the world’s biggest conflicts.

Instead of allowing beliefs to kill us, let us seek true freedom – let us not be afraid to free our minds from enslaving ideas and let us not be afraid to place our faith in the good of people.